Welcome to my website for my Evanescence Collection

You probably know me already. My old website was evanescencecollectiondk.qsite.dk

That is also why my old site is watermarked on most of the pictures. So they're not stolen - they're just from my old site. And Maybe I'm lazy, but it's too much work to change all the watermarks to the new site's name. My new items will have the new sites name watermarked. My old site was created in July 2013. My old site suddenly shut down and I couldn't get it back up. That's why I had to make a new one. It looks pretty much like the old, but there are a few upgrades. I hope you like it.  


A little about me: 
I'm a 27 y.o. female, living in Denmark. I have a cat and an obsession of Evanescence, which you can clearly see. 
I've started my collection in January 2013. Mainly CD's, DVD's, cassette's, and books. I update this page every time a new item has been added to my collection. This website was created in June 2017. 
I am the owner of the biggest collection of the single 'Call Me When You're Sober', from the album 'The Open Door'. 

Please do not copy any of my pictures, I've taken all of them/scanned them myself, of the actual items in my possession. 

Evanescence Discography: 

Albums, Demos and EP's (Extended Plays)
  • Evanescence EP, 1998 
  • Sound Asleep EP, 1999 (Also known as Whisper EP)
  • Mystary EP, 2003 - before 'Fallen'
  • Origin, 2000 (Full-length Demo album)
  • Fallen, 2003 (Debut studio album)
  • Anywhere But Home, 2004 (Live album, with bonus DVD)
  • The Open Door, 2006
  • Evanescence, 2011 (Self-titled) 
  • Synthesis 2017 (Reimagining)

  • Singles from 'Origin'
  • Whisper 
  • Singles from 'Fallen'
  • Bring Me To Life
  • Going Under 
  • My Immortal
  • Everybody's Fool
  • Singles from 'The Open Door'
  • Call Me When You're Sober
  • Lithium
  • Sweet Sacrifice
  • Good Enough
  • Singles from 'Evanescence'
  • What You Want
  •  My Heart Is Broken
  • Lost In Paradise
  • Singles from 'Synthesis'
  • Bring Me To Life (Synthesis)
  • Imperfection
  • Hi-Lo Featuring Lindsey Stirling
  • Other Singles
  • Imaginary (Fallen)
  • Missing (Anywhere But Home)
  • Weight Of The World (The Open Door)
  • Together Again (Stand Alone)
  • Made Of Stone (Evanescence)
  • The Other Side (Evanescence)

    Amy Lee Discography:


  • Aftermath

  • Dream Too much 


  • Recover Vol. 1


    Singles from 'Aftermath'

  • Lockdown

    Singles from 'Dream Too Much'

  • Dream Too Much

  • If You're A Star 

    Other Work

  • Love Exists

  • Speak To Me